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Apelo Consulting provides global research and consulting services. We drive the decision-making process of leading industry players by enriching them with actionable insights.

Our focus is on result-oriented research with a clear eye on client objectives. We perform market, business and procurement research across different industry verticals and empower our clients with data-backed strategic decision making. Our end-to-end research services, which include market research, business research and procurement research, help clients to leverage new opportunities in untapped markets. The adopted methodologies go beyond the traditional consulting and focus on providing recommendations which could be converted directly into actions.

Our resource-loaded headquarter is in India, while our global presence is spread across the US, Brazil, Malaysia and Thailand. Our experienced team of 80+ multi-lingual interviewers provide 24X7 support, across outspread geographies. The team operates through an exemplary project management set-up which offers customised research process to meet the objective of the client. At Apelo Consulting, we recognize the importance transparently working with the client to capture deep-dive insights for the different markets. We conduct research in 18+ international languages covering major continents – APAC, Latin America, Europe and Middle East.

Apelo Consulting stringently abides by the rules, regulations and standards of the market research industry as set forth by ESOMAR and BHBIA legal and ethical guidelines. Apelo Consulting only works with vetted partners, which showcase the highest level of data quality we hold ourselves to.

Apelo Consulting aims to provide the highest level of service, and commitment to excellence. We are continuously improvising our process to meet requirement of our clients from different geographies and industries. We equip the business leaders to adapt with the mounting uncertainty in the market. We already work closely with many businesses globally, providing on-time delivery with great flexibility and teamwork yielding the required client objectives!

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Our Mission

To work as professional partners of our clients and support them through optimum research.

Our Values

Excellence | Transparency | Collaboration

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