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Case Studies

Healthcare/Environment Mapping

Healthcare/Environment Mapping
  • Apelo Consulting provided translation and programming for service to the client on the basis of questionnaire provided
  • The survey linked was examined by the client for final heads up
  • Hosting was initiated with the specific target respondent and  response were collated for total 570 surveys (according to the quota)
  • The data was complied in spss format and data quality checks were conducted
  • Output was shared on spss file
  • Project duration: 7-8 weeks
Our Services
Market Research

Apelo provides quantitative and qualitative insights on the basis of comprehensive research tailored to meet client’s requirement and to strengthen the decision making process for the client.

Business Intelligence

For Business research, Apelo Consulting provides rapid research with data collation, complete market study, market access strategy, and supply chain management consulting.

Procurement and Supply Chain Research

Under Procurement research, our services include sales intelligence support, potential lead generation and opportunity assessment & supplier engagement.

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