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How do you build the samples for conducting interviews?

We have an internal database with 8 million (and growing) respondent information from different industries and different designations at global level. This database is built over the process of conducting studies and is sourced from the paid databases. We also conduct real-time sampling according to the project specifications

What is the format of delivery file?

We work on MS Excel spreadsheet, dashboards (excel, powerbi, etc,) and spss file. We also work on live links provided by the client mostly in case of quantitative studies.

How do you control the quality of interviews conducted?
  • Internal project meeting is conducted after project confirmation involving all the key members of the project. The goal is to ensure that everyone working on a project fully understands the key objective behind the project, project specification and their role for the assignment
  • All quota information, sample specifications, questions, answers, logic, and instructions are discussed thoroughly during the walk-through as a final review before programming begins.
  • Daily data review system is practiced at Apelo for our telephonic research department for better control over the Interviewer/Respondent survey process
  • The data received is reviewed as frequently as possible to obtain correct and best valuable information. Real time call quality auditing to keep a check mark on interviewer/respondent conversation, data accuracy, interpretation of the survey scripts
  • Final data received is collected and is reviewed by data analysts. Cleaning of open ended responses, logics and interpretation, straight line responses and interview duration anomalies are reviewed and corrected thoroughly
  • We commit to our data quality process and only 100% validated, reliable and decision ready data is shared with our clients
What is the minimum qualification of the analyst working on the projects?

We have a team of dedicated experts with relevant qualification or experience in that industry. We have segmented the teams according to the industry domain. In a few complicated studies, we have team working together for the client.

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