C-level strategies for Technology & Innovation across major industries: EU & the Americas

An In-depth look into the evolving roles of C-level management: Leveraging technology and leadership to foster innovation across business models
With rapidly advancing technological capabilities, corporate leadership across industries are exploring Digital Transformation initiatives across the business model to foster innovation, shorten product development timelines, cut down on costs, and improve quality of services and operations across the board. With C-level Key Opinion Leaders at the epicentre of this transformation, we explore their evolving roles as change managers and innovation leaders in their industries.

The Challenge: Study Overview

The aim of the research project centred on management trends at the C-level, to ascertain the adoption of technology, an evolving leadership role, and get an In-depth look at technology utilization across industries including in Manufacturing, Banking, etc.

The Solution

  • The solution was to approach key personnel including senior sales and marketing executives in the manufacturing and distribution industry for Rapid Testing kits including immuno-assay ¬†and molecular techniques for in-depth qualitative interviews to ascertain usage patterns in comparison to conventional methods, testing volumes, instrument and reagent usage, the competitive market landscape, and user satisfaction across associated brands
  • The covered diseases areas included Respiratory Tract Infections (RTIs). This included a group of several ailments that infects the respiratory tract.
  • Some of the RTIs considered for the testing kit study included Dynophagia, Rhinorrhe, and Enteric diseases caused by various pathogens including Otavirus, Shigella, Enterotoxigenic E. coli (ETEC), Polio virus, Salmonella typhi, etc.

Our Conclusions & Insights

  • Innovation and digital transformation varied widely based on geographies, due to differences in research & development priorities, and local socio-economic factors. C-level management are evolving into roles of being technology and innovation leaders, pioneering organization-wide efforts to digitize operations at multiple levels
  • The Banking sector in particular saw a slower adoption rate for digital transformation, as R&D in the sector still progresses, leaders are sceptical at the risk factors of digitizing operations. Use of Blockchain technologies is at the forefront of these efforts
  • The Healthcare and Insurance sector is widely testing the use of blockchain technologies to improve security and redundancy, along with the digitization of health records and services
  • The IT and Hi-Tech technology sectors are at the forefront of designing A.I. and machine learning solutions for industries across the board. A major industry benefitting from the progress in technology is the Energy sector, allowing for smarter infrastructure and energy management strategies
  • Supply Chain Management across industries and the consumer market has shown promising innovation due to technology advancement and widespread adoption, digitzing large-scale daily operations has accelerated expansion of logistics networks with added redundancies, mitigating SCM issues at the technology level for minimal effect on operations.