IVD trends and KOL insights: APAC & EMEA

The IVD market is showing flourishing market growth rate across the international market: Understanding the key challenges of the segment can be highly valuable while leveraging market opportunities
The market for Rapid testing kits for detection of infectious diseases has seen increased adoption due to a need for quickly available test results for preliminary diagnosis, and cost-effectiveness of portable kits. Market insights would provide an in-depth look on the user-end challenges, and the market growth to leverage forecasted market opportunities

The Challenge: Study Overview

The aim of the research study was to gain in-depth insights by studying market trends and segmentation of the In-Vitro diagnostics market across multiple geographies

The Solution

  • For the purpose of the study, data collection was segmented into Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and Trade.
  • KOLs of diagnostic laboratories were approached to collect information related to their testing methodologies, and the trends of IVD technique segments including Molecular Diagnostics (MDx), Central Diagnostics (CDx), Tissue Diagnostics (TDx), and Genome Sequencing (NGS). The designations chosen for the purpose of KOL recruitment for qualitative In-depth interviews with respondents were limited to Supervisors, Heads of Department, Specialists, Managers, and Directors
  • The target audience of the study included organizations in the manufacturing trade of In-vitro diagnostic equipment and their reagents

Our Conclusions & Insights

  • The usage of all the IVD techniques MDx, CDx, TDx, and NGS were identified in the target countries, which varied mainly on availability of equipment and reagents, and ease of use. A predominant challenge faced by laboratories were the price points of equipment and cost effectiveness of reagents