Apelo Consulting

Procurement and Supply Chain Research

Apelo provides assistance at each level – shortlisting of potential suppliers/market to negotiating on final terms with the supplier – of the supply value chain to make the best strategic move which facilitates the profit making without compromising the quality.

The company has worked closely with the procurement/strategy teams to help curve out the best strategy strengthening the buying power of the businesses across the globe.

Supplier Evaluation
  • Supplier Identification
  • Supplier Risk Assessment
  • Request for Quote/Price Collation
  • Supplier Landscape and Positioning
Market Intelligence
  • Strategic Positioning in the Market
  • Competitive ecosystem Analysis
  • Sourcing Strategy Development
  • Demographic Studies
Category Management
  • Low-cost Sourcing Strategy Development
Strategic Sourcing
  • Spend Analysis
  • Strategy Support Solutions
  • Cost Structuring and Analysis

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Other Services

For Business research, Apelo Consulting provides rapid research with data collation, complete market study, market access strategy, and supply chain management consulting.

Apelo provides quantitative and qualitative insights on the basis of comprehensive research tailored to meet client’s requirement and to strengthen the decision making process for the client.

Apelo Consulting
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