RAPID testing kits for Infectious Diseases: APAC & EU

Extracting usage trends for Infectious Disease RAPID testing kits in the APAC and EU markets: Usage comparison with conventional techniques, segment share, and end-user challenges
The market for Rapid testing kits for detection of infectious diseases has seen increased adoption due to a need for quickly available test results for preliminary diagnosis, and cost-effectiveness of portable kits. Market insights would provide an in-depth look on the user-end challenges, and the market growth to leverage forecasted market opportunities

The Challenge: Study Overview

The given scope of the research study was to gain in-depth insights of the competitive market landscape and the usage trends of rapid testing kits, and the segment performance of rapid immuno assays versus rapid molecular tests in multiple disease areas

The Solution

  • The solution was to approach key personnel including senior sales and marketing executives in the manufacturing and distribution industry for Rapid Testing kits including immuno-assay ¬†and molecular techniques for in-depth qualitative interviews to ascertain usage patterns in comparison to conventional methods, testing volumes, instrument and reagent usage, the competitive market landscape, and user satisfaction across associated brands
  • The covered diseases areas included Respiratory Tract Infections (RTIs). This included a group of several ailments that infects the respiratory tract.
  • Some of the RTIs considered for the testing kit study included Dynophagia, Rhinorrhe, and Enteric diseases caused by various pathogens including Otavirus, Shigella, Enterotoxigenic E. coli (ETEC), Polio virus, Salmonella typhi, etc.

Our Conclusions & Insights

  • Various unmet challenges from the end-users perspective were revealed during the study, including the high cost of Rapid kits leading to a low disease prevalence/testing ratio, followed by the technical prospects of expanding test sensitivity compared to conventional methods
  • An in-depth look into the competitive landscape for the manufacturing and distribution industry in RAPID Testing kits forecasted a major increase in market share for the segment in the next 5 years
Rapid Testing Usage Vs Conventional means