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Driving Decisions that matter through Result-based Research

We are a full-service market-research consultancy working with our global partners on result-oriented research, enabling them to take informed strategic decisions for their business and fuel decisions that matter. Whether it might be developing an existing service, launching a new product, or expanding into new territories, we ensure you have the right tools to plan your next big strategy.

We are endlessly improving our processes to meet the demands of our clients from a diverse set of industries and geographies. Read about our Professional Code of Conduct and Technology enabled process below

Our Core Values

Our value system, like a compass, points us in the right direction of success. Our focus remains on Excellence, Transparency, Trust and Collaboration.

Our Vision

We thrive to become the world’s most trustworthy Market Research Company. In the pursuit of reaching the summit through our innovation and technology.

Our Mission

We are planning to build a sustainable research module with the analysis of actionable market intelligence, which will help organizations to make important business decisions.

Our Code of Professional Conduct

We are a values-driven organization. Like a compass, guiding us through the toughest challenges, our values push us to achieve the highest professional, legal, and ethical standards across our business functions, including established guidelines set by ESOMAR and the AMA. Our code of conduct sets expectations on behaviour and ethics both for our employees and the partners we work with, serving as a guide on our core values and principles, and establishing us as trusted research partners.


Excellence in Creating the Best

We strive to be the leaders in our industry, with an established framework for constant improvement on existing standards and process innovation across our organization. Being a technology enabled company, our experts are constantly testing and implementing the latest tools and methodologies, with digital transformation and the unlocking of human potential at the forefront of our efforts to reach absolute excellence.

 are our greatest Strength

Driven by People. Fueled by Passion.

Joining the Apelo family is embracing a deep culture of support, collaboration, and transparency. With countless opportunities for our employees to grow and learn, we bring to life our core values and people-centric vision, unlocking the limitless human potential and empowering our people as leaders and pioneers

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Our Social Responsibility

Driving change that matters

Our values are not just represented in our results, but also in our responsibilities. We at Apelo realize how important it is to close the circle of sustainability, empowering  leaders to find solutions and act on various human, environmental, and social issues.  Apelo partners with grassroots efforts to drive change where it matters the most. Find our initiatives below.

Saakar - Youth Social Responsibility

Youth empowerment | Women's empowerment | Humanitarian aid

With a vision to unite youth for the greater good, Saakar, a youth empowerment and social action platform based out of the N.C.R. organizes youngsters for the welfare of underprivileged communities and to tackle burning social issues. Apelo partners with Saakar on initiatives from women’s empowerment, humanitarian relief, education, to healthcare programmes helping Saakar’s youngsters reach aid to where its needed the most, with a mission to impart strong values of leadership and social responsibility on the Indian youth.“

Intergrated Animal Care Shelter (IACC)

Animal Welfare | Shelters | Medical care

IACC has been working for the welfare of animals, providing shelter, care, and much needed veterinary attention. Currently providing for 70+ animals with their centre of Operations based out of Auroville, Tamil Nadu, South India. Apelo Consulting is committed to providing them the necessary support for infrastructure and their basic needs. Find out more about the IACC Here:       

From the CEO's Desk

Once you’ve done a bit of doing, go ahead and go back to planning. Constantly re-evaluating your business and the direction it’s going in can help you find opportunities for growth. Constantly re-evaluate your business While you should rightfully feel ownership of your startup,

Anshul Saraf, Company CEO