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At Apelo, we help our clients achieve top-line growth by building a collective vision of future industries and market trends, levelling complex market challenges and leveraging key opportunities. Our data research network supports the market research needs for a diverse range of Industry verticals, with an emphasis on client success and insight quality.

Whether it might be developing an existing service, launching a new product, or expanding into new territories, our Market Research arms you with the right tools to plan your next big strategy.

Building customized solutions for any Market Research challenge

Some projects can be more challenging than others, requiring a customized strategy for an effective approach. 
Discover Apelo3D, our 3-step approach to deliver even the most challenging Market Research projects for deep, high-value insights.


Define project objectives, run need evaluation, and establish operational pathways with Expert Consultation


Design your customized toolbox, leveraging our rich capabilities in tools, techniques, and proven methodologies


Deliver through dedicated project siloes embedded with Subject Matter Experts for a complete research experience

1. Defining your Project

End - to - End Market Research Services

Consult with our Subject Matter Experts for a range of Quantitative and Qualitative topics across diverse industry verticals, with research services that encompass the entire project lifecycle.

Extracting data right from its source using Interviews, Surveys, and Focus Groups for quantitative and qualitative insights

Design questionnaires to achieve optimal response rates and provide reliable and functional outcomes from respondents

Improve research precision with targeted sampling  using simple random, systematic, cluster, or stratified sampling techniques

Our Multi-lingual researchers and experienced SMEs ensure accuracy in translated/transcripted data, without any loss of qualitative information 

Custom questionnaire design  for research panels with full-service survey planning and design capabilities

Full capability survey programming and administration capabilities with  hassle-free interfacing

Our fully equipped Solution Deck


Tools, Techniques, and Methods

We are a technology-enabled enterprise with an emphasis on constant innovation, offering a range of research tools  shown below to extract the right opinions under the most challenging  circumstances.

With Apelo’s powerful CATI (Telephone) & CAVI (Video) capabilities, our experienced research teams penetrate deep into markets across diverse geographies, with multi-lingual researchers and Subject Matter Experts, we access the right demographics to build accurate data-sets and derive comprehensive insights.

Our technology driven process enables us to reach wide audience groups with end-to-end CAWI capabilities, including a robust Survey design & hosting process, localization capabilities, and multilingual teams with real-time data representation on our client’s end.

Post meeting quota objectives, we provide additional Booster interviews at no extra cost to help enhance results and fill research gaps either through follow-ups or fresh interviews

3. How we deliver

Process, Quality, and Security

process illustration

Project Execution with a Unified Process

Leveraging dedicated project execution teams embedded with our Subject Matter Experts, and consultants who partner with you on challenges throughout the journey, we are constantly innovating on robust processes, surpassing industry standards for a unified and compliant process. Keeping the integrity of your data, and the privacy of our respondents at the forefront in our quest for answers.

Apelo's 3-Tier Quality Management Framework

Besides adhering to ESOMAR guidelines throughout our research practices, we employ a stringent 3-tier Quality Management Process, ensuring data quality at multiple levels of the project lifecycle. 

With in-depth project walk-throughs defining quality objectives, real time quality audits on script interpretation and conversational quality,  final data cleansing on open-ended surveys, thorough reviews of semantics and interpretation, and analysis to verify data accuracy, quality is never at a compromise throughout our research journey.

Quality Briefings

Detailed project walk-throughs & multi-level quality briefings

Cycling Audits

Fieldwork review & real-time quality audits on collected data

Deliverable Review

Thorough end-review and data cleansing on deliverables

Data Security and Privacy - First & Foremost

We place immense importance in the secure custody of your data, and the privacy of our respondents, through effective, multi-layered, and robust data-protection protocols established both at the human and at the technology level, enforcing thorough data protection and privacy controls.

Apelo is 100% GDPR compliant. Contact our Data Protection Officer (D.P.O.) or discover more about our Certifications below

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Case Studies: Market Research

Whether you’re looking for premade research related to a particular interest, or you want us to build custom market research that you can use as a basis for your strategic decisions, we can customize content to match your specific needs. Find some of our Case Studies  below for an in-depth look into our research portfolio.

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