8 Tips To Increase Survey Response Rate

In Surveys, Low response rates are one of the frustrating things or you can also say they are survey killers. Many people are asked by organizations to give their opinions on different topics, But the frequency of giving answers keeps decreasing over the period of time. 

So how you can increase survey response rates? You have to ensure that the survey which you are giving to the audience is worthy of their time. 

Now you might be wondering what tips we should follow to increase the survey response rates. In this blog, we will share 8 tips with you in which you can increase your survey response rates. 

But before we share tips with you let’s talk about how do we calculate survey response rates.

How To Calculate The Survey Response Rate?

Survey response rates are basically calculated in the format of percentage. You can divide the number of the complete survey responses by the total number of your surveys that were sent to the audience. 

Then the number is further multiplied by 100 to get the percentage value. 

8 Tips To to Increase Survey Response Rate

1. Shorten Your Surveys

Sometimes people don’t keep the goal of the survey in their mind while creating questions and they overload the survey with unnecessary questions. 

People don’t answer any questions in the survey when they found the survey is too long and time-consuming. The audience is not motivated to invest their 25-30 Minutes in something which brings no value to them. 

So make sure to keep your surveys short. You can keep your survey length between 5-10 minutes which is an ideal survey length. 

2. Create Attractive And Responsive Survey Design

The design of the survey is very important which includes the style, elements, medium, responsiveness, etc. 

The survey should look appealing to the audience. You should not have to use the loud background color in your survey. 

The size and style of the fonts should be good-looking and easy to read. There are different tools are available in the market which you can use to design your surveys. 

3. Offer Survey Incentives

You can use money as an incentive for your survey. You can offer them deals, discounts, money, prizes and many more. 

This will surely help you to increase your survey response rate. As per some studies, they have observed a 10% to 15% increase in the response rates whenever audiences are offered incentives.

4. Be Transparent In The Survey

Transparency of the surveys plays a very important role in the increasing of response rates. You have to be transparent throughout the survey. 

You have to inform the audience that how their answers will be used and how much time it will take to complete the survey. 

This is a great way to increase your survey response rates.

5. Use Email Marketing

Emails are one of the best ways to remind your audience about the survey. You can send a reminder to your audience about the surveys. 

But make sure you design your emails properly and write an eye-catchy subject line in the email invitation. You can send one or two email reminders to the audience and encourage them to complete the survey.

6. Make Surveys More Engaging

Many market research companies are not making their surveys more engaging. You can add different kinds of visuals and videos to keep people engaged with your surveys. 

Many market research companies are already using videos in their surveys to increase the engagement rate.

You can also use interactive question styles like sliders and rating scales. This tip will surely help you to increase your survey response rate. 

7. Use Survey Logic

You can implement logic flows in your survey, questionnaires, forms, etc. Create smart surveys for your audience which intelligently react with respondent answers; Different types of answers can trigger multiple consequences. 

You can also make the advanced logic flow that has several rules and performs different kinds of actions for surveys. 

8. Check Survey Questions Flow

The questions of your survey should be well written and jargon-free so respondents don’t get confused. If your questions are irritating and not easy to understand then respondents will drop out of the survey. 

Sometimes respondents do not know the answer to a question so in this case, you can give them an option to skip the questions which will very helpful for the respondents.


Are you also getting very low or average response rates from your online surveys? By following the 8 tips outlined above you can increase your survey response rate. 

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